10 Steps to being an A+ second hand shopper


As I was thrifting in the Redmond Goodwill last week, I was thinking as I generally do, about how much great stuff is available second hand. I frequently wonder why more people don't take advantage of this easy way to be easier on Mother Earth, dress differently than the average mall shopper, and stretch your budget.

Another reason to shop consignment and thrift is that Its easy to justify a handmade custom dress, expensive underwear and bras , and that pair of beautiful shoes you must have, when the rest of your wardrobe is pre-loved and a fraction of the price.

1. Know your brands. This means be a shopper. Look through catelogs and magazines. Follow boutiques on social media. Stop in stores with beautiful quality items and try them on! These high end brands do show up in second hand stores (especially in Bend,OR).  And It's a thrill to find them.

2. Shop alone. Dont be distrated or influenced by others. What are you attracted to?  What makes you feel good? Keep your head down and really hunt for yourself.

3. Set an intention before you walk in.  Do you need a shirt to go with a skirt you love but never wear? When you are meeting a friend for dinner do you need a fun little something?  Is your go to jacket a little tired and boring? Honestly; this works.

4. Shop labels not items. (see #1) Start working down the rack. no, no, no, no. Wait. Diane VonFurstenburg? Thats an iconic, timeless brand.  I better take a look at this.  Then you slow down....

5. Read the tags. Where is it made?  What's it made of? How do you care for it. Finding silk, linen, beautiful cotton, and cashmere is easy. Be prepared for more care, but once you get hooked on fine fabric, its hard to go back. 

cashmere tag

6. Try it on.  Even if its fabulous, if the fit is bad skip it.

7. Find a good alterations shop. This may allow you to buy something fabulous even if the fit is not ideal.

8. Shop frequently. If you wait until the day before your special eventy, odds are low you will find something amazing. Take your time. Curate your closet intentionally, and be a shopper.

9. Dont buy it unless its flawless.  A clost full of stained, damaged, ill fitting clothes is not the goal. More is not better. There is SO MUCH good second hand finds out there.  Take your time and pick wisely.

10. Check your ego at the door, Have fun, be green, and look GREAT!

Also keep in mind, that you can sell some of your finds to Cowgirl Cash. I'm always on the hunt for Authentic, practical, beautiful things.  

I pay 1/3 of what I think I can retail it for. 

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