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9 years ago. Days before Halloween, deep in a recession, I rented a space in downtown Bend.... in the back alley. My Real Estate career had beaten me up, and I was telling potential buyers they should rent. It's not a good recipe for bringing home money to pay your bills.  The second hand boots and the gold I was buying on the side was generating my income.  I also liked it.  It appealed to my buy, fix up and sell bug and I loved how it fit a thrifty, green, credo.

Cowgirl Cash has had a few changes over the years.  I added the Lucky Lady dresses, sewn by local seamstress. I added the vintage inspired, made in Portland swimming suits after our local swimwear store closed. (I no longer carry thoses.) I had my friend who had flowers in here with me, my friend the running coach, my friend who had the magazine, the lamp guy.... Finally I hit on something especially good. A past client with a friend who was looking for a space to grow her interior design business. Yes. Suzanne Molt with her store Arrange is my latest, and best change.

My daughter shared with me recently, that she was longer intimated by choosing THE major, THE job, or THE correct path.  She had come to realize that in life you can change and you can reinvent yourself. It was a relief to her. One of the best things about Cowgirl Cash is that I have the freedom to make changes and choices. My gemology background comes into play, my 20 years in real estate is back in play, my marketing degree is utilized somewhat, and my family history of rodeo and riding on my Moms side, and buy and sell, wheeling and dealing on my Dads side is also relevant. I get to live in my hometown.  By choice. I also get to be part of a community that I adore.

Thank you for supporting my journey by shopping at Cowgirl Cash and being part of my Village.

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