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A personal tid bit... I have a boyfriend.  It's a little akward to say because I'm 51 years old, and I was married over 20 years, but I do... My crush was sealed when I went to his house for the first time, and in the garage was a sewing machine! The clincher was when I realized he uses it and uses it beautifully.  I like to rescue stuff, match make, repair and nurture things. My business is a cycle of cleaning, buffing, repairing and finding a new home for authentic, practical, beautiful items.

Recently I found this sweet dress.  On closer inspection, I realized it had a tear, and was missing a ribbon waist tie.  I took it home ad was sure this dress was destined for my closet, because I don't usually sell the patched items.  However, as I was patching this beautiful soft French cotton dress with the perfect ruffles, I realized there is no shame in being patched. Repairs, improvement and stories to tell should actually add value, not diminish it. 

So I decided to bring the French dress back to Cowgirl Cash with its hidden patch and sweet ribbon tie and sell it proudly. Repairing and loving things back to life is good for Mother Earth and as I write this post, I realize it's quite analogous to life....

Second hand dress, $35.

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