New Perspective...


I read a quote recently, that stuck with me for a few days.

”A change of perspective can change everything in an instant.”

I think we are all learning to shift our perspectives a bit. Our expectations have certainly needed to alter. We are changing our plans and our priorities. Maybe trying new things, based on new circumstances. Suzanne and I have had a good summer so far here at Cowgirl Cash and Arrange. We’ve benefited from people wanting to travel, and choosing Bend as their safe, socially distant, playground. As much as we don’t enjoy wearing facemasks, we are lucky to be wearing and selling beautiful and locally made ones, so that we can be open and safe. I'm also happy to report that we have not had any resistance to people wearing a mask in our store. These tourists are looking for some fun, a new perspective on live/work balance, and they like what they are finding here in our diverse shop with an owner always on hand to help them. 

My change of perspective came in the form of a solo overnight stay at the top of a mountain. I was reminded of how lucky I am to live and work in such a beautiful community; with freedom to earn a living doing the things I love, with the best customers and co-workers imaginable! 


The good news is, after my solo overnighter, my kids met me to Summit South Sister.  What more could a mama want?

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