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I have some of my best brainstorms when I'm hiking or running... solo.  My latest was "Swingdance Sundays". I went to work and went to my favorite downtown neighbor and friend, David at Crows Feet Commons.  David is a big out of the box thinker and isn't afraid to tackle much. I went immediately to his shop and pitched my idea... Swingdance Sundays! We'll hold it in the Mirror Pond plaza.  I'll find the instructor, you provide the poster and the sound system.  Done. I called a kid named Josh that I had met in the store.  He and and his girlfriend told me that they did Western Swingdance.  I asked if he would be willing to teach, and he said yes.  Months, literally months later I dug up his number and he said "yes", he and his now wife would be willing to teach.  

My personal motive for taking on organizing an event like this is to get my 17 year old son dancing.  I believe being a great male swing dancer is not only a skill, but a lady killer.  My gift to my son, even if he accepts this gift reluctantly. 

The sad twist to this story is that "Josh" the instructor, bailed on me the day before the first lesson.  I was able to find another instructor through the help of the awesome people at Mavericks Westen dance bar, but the fun and incredible instructor Jordan is unable to commit to Sundays.  We got one fun, sunny, Swingdance Sunday under our belt, but the future is a bit bleak.  If anyone knows a Swingdance instructor in Bend, Oregon please send them my way! This is a paid position and I am hitting a lot of deadends.  The good news?  My son Teddy and a few of his friends got one round of lessons in and realized that swingdancing is a good way to have some fun. 

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